Love and then Lighthouses

Photo: Marianne Chua 

Love and then Lighthouses by Drunken Chorus

A show full of disco lights, smoke machines and beacons in the darkness. A DIY guidebook for a teenage journey through the pitch black Yorkshire night.

Sheena loves Pulp. She loves Jarvis Cocker. She loves the ocean, indie discos and the warm sun on her face. Sometimes she feels lost at sea – alone in the darkness.

 Through imagined stories, fantasy gigs and handmade aesthetics, Sheena tells the tale of a little boat who is thrown off course by a storm. Filled with despair, the boat doesn’t know which way to turn and she faces her dark night of the soul.

Written & Performed by Sheena Holliday

Directed & Co-Written by Chris Williams

More information can be found here.


DRUNKEN NIGHTS is a series of free performance events for created for local pubs. Each night features a range of live artists, who have taken inspiration from the traditions of the Great British pub. Featuring unexpected theatre, off-beat stand-up comedy, experimental dance – and maybe even a good old fashioned sing-song. 

Each year a call out to artists is put out asking for proposals/ideas for 10 minute performances. 18 of these proposals are selected and performed over 3 nights. From these 18 pieces, 3 are selected to form the DRUNKEN NIGHTS triple bill and are given development support and paired with a professional mentor. Past mentors include Franko B, Cathy Naden (Forced Entertainment), Alex Kelly (Third Angel) and Ursula Martinez.

DRUNKEN NIGHTS is produced by Drunken Chorus (Sheena Holliday and Chris Williams). More information can be found here



Just Like Larry Walters

Photo: Mathew Parri Thomas



Just Like Larry Walters by Drunken Chorus

Larry Walters takes to the skies in his garden chair…

A show about human endeavour, party songs, gun shots, and a load of balloons.

In 1982, Larry Walters tied 45 helium balloons to his garden chair and flew up into the sky. We want you to imagine that. We want you to close your eyes and hold on tight, as we begin to drift up.

Through tales of human endeavour, dance routines, and songs from The Greatest Ever Party Album, Drunken Chorus attempt to piece together something magical; only to find themselves surrounded by half-inflated party balloons, scraps of rubber and burst bubbles.

Devised & performed by Chris Williams & Sheena Holliday

More information can be found here.

La Noche Oscura Del Alma

La Noche Oscura Del Alma by Drunken Chorus

'Is this OK?.. Are we still rolling??.. Should I just carry on?..'

La Noche Oscura Del Alma began as an attempt to create a piece of work that would be simultaneously both cinema and theatre.

The project explored sections of screenplays which are known as 'The dark night of the soul' the scene in films where the main character loses all hope and gives up.

What resulted was a nightmarish performance in which fragments of a dark and mysterious screenplay begin to slowly leak out of the film and into reality. The lines between real-life performers, fictional filmmakers and the on-screen characters begin to blur and fade away... 

Chris Williams: Director / Performer

Sheena Holliday: Script-writer / Filmmaker / Co-Director / Performer

 More information can be found here.